SandyBay Resort Koh Phangan - Thailand


Tor zur Seele

Welcome to the Thai family in the Coconut - Beach - Resort.


I am Birgit Wiemann-Lindenberg therapist for energy channeling, master of Bioernergie, Erdheilerin and author;


Power of thought and creativity.


I wish you this, of course, make a dream created in a ten-day seminar in July 2011 experienced.


With all your senses enjoy learn.


Here it is easy with our mother earth and the sky in line to be and is used you as a retreat for the best for real Urholung


Body & mind & soul.


A natural and well-kept island paradise of Koh Phangan in the southern Gulf of Thailand.


In the footsteps of the Thai culture (Bodas), in the varied program I show you a basic knowledge of the country and its people, customs and traditions.


With an experienced Thai we explore when trekking in the jungle, the animals & plants & herbs world. The Thai kitchen is ideal for cooking. Many of relaxation exercises and meditation techniques you pay liebeerfüllte experience and a powerful knowledge in everyday life


happy and fulfilled living in the here and now.




I look forward to seeing you